This page is dedicated to my interest in diving. I’ve enjoyed free & scuba diving across New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.


Rye Pier, Victoria, Australia, February 2022.

Blairgowrie Pier, Victoria, Australia, May 2022.


“The Boil” 3-25m 3km offshore, Te Motu-o-Kura, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, December, 2016

“The Boil” 3-25m 3km offshore, Te Motu-o-Kura, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, December, 2016.

Octopus, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 2011

Octopus, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 2011.

Squirrelfish, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 2011

Squirrelfish, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 2011.


chart of how body weight can affect buoyancy

This table show how depth and air can influence the buoyancy of dive equipment.

chart of how body weight can affect buoyancy

This charts helps you understand how buoyancy of dive equipment tends over the course of a dive.


Buy vs Hire

The following chart illustrates a point of financial return at around 40-60 dives. I’ve included ongoing costs with buying to account for air-fills and maintenance. Entry and ongoing costs will vary.

chart of buy vs rent diving gear

Free Diving

Cressi Technica 5mm Wetsuit2010$375.50NZD
Cressi 5mm Diving Boots2011$0.00USD
Cressi Pro Light Fins2011$39.95USD
Mares Tana Snorkelling Set2020$49.95AUD

Total: $440.00AUD

Scuba Diving

Cressi Ellipse Black MC5 Regulator2011$199.95USD
Cressi Ellipse Octopus2011$81.95USD
Cressi Start BCD Medium2011$189.95USD
Mares Puck Air Computer Console With Compass2011$349.95USD

Total: $1,061.64AUD


2.5kg Leadshot Bag x2 w/ BCD2021$120.00AUD
5.5kg Lead Weight w/ Belt2021$60.00AUD

Total: $229.95AUD


I feel this setup was relatively good value. It would cost more than double to buy the computer domestically with geographic pricing.

Total: $1731.59AUD


Battery CR30322018$10.00NZD
Gear Postage2021$230.00NZD
Cressi Computer Lid Replace2021$5.00NZD
Cressi Computer O-Ring2021$15.00AUD
Battery CR30322021$10.00AUD
Cressi Fin Strap x22022$49.00AUD
Neoprene Repair Glue2022$25.00AUD
Din to Yoke Valve2022$25.00AUD


1-102009-2009RarotongaPool & Boat dives supplied by Cook Island Divers for PADI Open Water certification.
10-142011-2011RarotongaCook Island Divers supplied several boat dives.
15-212011-2013WellingtonShore dives in the harbour with new gear and various dive crews. Solo scallop diving.
22-412011-2019Hawkes BayBoat dives off Te Motu-o-Kura over Summer Holidays almost every year. Crew.
422022-01-22FlindersPier dive. 53min. 4.8m max depth. 19’C. Observed first Sea Dragon. Dads dive crew.
432022-02-12RyePier dive. 50min. 4.9m max depth. 16-20’C. Observed Flathead, Puffer Fish, Longfin Pike, Goat Fish, Leatherjacket, Wrasse, Magpie Perch, Southern Hulafish. Solo.
442022-05-20BlairgowriePier dive. 48min. 5.4m max depth. 15-16’C. Observed Ray, Giant Australian Cuttlefish, Blue Warehou, Moonlighter, Globefish, Wrasse, Magpie Perch. Dads dive crew.